Some things in LIFE are not to be MISSED. We hereby share with you once-in-a-lifetime glamorous opportunity for your little sweethearts that boasts everything about fashion.


IKFF LOGOThis show is presented by India Designer Society which has been working hard towards promoting our Indian designers. Launched in 2014, their objective is to enhance, educate, promote and integrate our Indian Designers across all industries and domains. IDS is the biggest network of Designers, Designing Modern India. The web of Designers include Fashion Designers, Event Planners, Web Designers, Interior Designers, Animators, Architects, Builder groups, Town Planners, Engineers, Product Designers, Graphic Designers and the list is non-exhaustive.


India Kids Fashion Fest is an initiative by India Fashion TV to provide a global reach and recognition to Indian Designers, and to give them a boost by providing exclusivity and substantial visibility through Television, Press and Social Media along with an opportunity to meet their direct Markets & Consumers.

In addition, this show has been tailored to meet the growing enthusiasm among the parents of young India to provide them best outfits and a platform to generate lifetime memories.

Now in Season-2, we are thriving to make it even more grandeur. From audition (City Level) till the finale (India Level), kids will undergo a variety of rounds along-with guidance at every step which will not only uplift their confidence but also bring-out their inner thrive to perform better. Every audition is being executed as a full-fledged show in mid of a renowned fashion hyper-store.

For the Designers:

The showcase of Designer dresses be it at shoots or any show involves great deal of Passion-Innovation and needs to create a mesmerizing experience for the viewers. Getting involved in quality interviews & India Kids Fashion Fest will provide the much needed rejuvenation to our Designers.

The Designers would be benefited through exclusive Interviews, Profiles and Documentaries before the show and from the complete production, customized assistance and show visibility at India Kids Fashion Fest. The use of innovation in video & photography along-with high production standards will create the much needed WOW factor.

For the Kids:

India Fashion Tv WELCOMES the kids models to be a healthy counterpart to our Designers. The child contestant shall benefit from the confidence & exposure s/he will receive through the experience, while building their profile with participation in variety of projects under the banner of India Fashion Tv and showcasing their exclusive attires on the ramp of India Kids Fashion Fest.

This is the perfect occasion for your child to shine in Style.

Age for Participation: 3-14 years

IKFF CITY LEVEL SHOWS (Upcoming) – Season 2

Auditions Done:   Ludhiana           Delhi                      Chandigarh

Upcoming:            Mumbai             Ahmedabad           Noida


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