By Mom: Aadrit is my life, my love, my world, my prince, my king……….in a word “MY EVERYTHING.” I have no words to describe Aadrit. In fact, I find no words to describe Aadrit. He is a GEM.

So, let Aadrit speak about himself.

AADRIT speaks:

Aadrit, as my name states, means “the beloved” and in Bengali it is “adore r,”


I study Don Bosco School Park Circus, Kolkata in Class 2 and am 6 years of age.

I am the APPLE of my mother’s eye. My mother scolds me but also cries after scolding me, holding me tight and hugging me. My mother spends sleepless nights when I am sick. She is the person who also cried during my first vaccination and also faints on hearing that I have been diagnosed with dengue. Scolds me too when I am reluctant to study and holds me tight when I get a good result. She calls me Archimedes, do you know why? Math is my favourite.

I have done a few assignments which includes a Bengali Movie of Director Michigan and a few modeling assignments. I am the Brand Ambassador for Junior Fashion Week Brand, Flying Machine and U.S. Polo and has been a part of many hoardings and TVC on national Zoom TV.  You will also see me on Zoom TV soon.


My favourite colour is blue…… cupboard, my dresses, my toys, my water bottle and my pencil box too are all blue.

I love French fries, ice –cream (not all flavours but chocolate feast and butterscotch cone). I also like paddle pop and pataka.

I am photogenic and cute as stated by many. I have got the attitude when I walk the ramp. The red carpet seems to be there only staring at me.

My favourite subject is Maths and my mother calls me an Arithmetic Genius and a master in Abacus. My favourite sport is Basketball and you should just watch me dribble the ball. I have a record of 200 times dribble. I want to be like Legend Michel Jordon of NBA.

My favourite cartoon is Shinchan…………………………I cried a lot to hear how original Shinchan and his sister died in a road accident. Do you all know the original story? I can tell you all as I am a good story teller too.

A non tiring fighter who never gives up.

I am a Magician too…………….come and see me in the dress of a Magician and I also have magic in my little fingers when I play the synthesizer.


Stay tuned to meet me and I would love to meet you all too.


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